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Markiplier and Reader 2 - Time for the Airport
Mark’s POV
I knew that I was going to make it to the STIA before _______ would. It might be awhile before she gets her butt here; after all, she had a lot to pack for this trip. I almost feel like I should skip this PAX convention just to help her settle into my, I mean, our home. I went to exit the plane and made a zip line to baggage to get my suitcase. In doing so, I was afraid of running into people who might recognize me. That’s the last thing I need; someone wanting an autograph or picture. Once I got ahold of my luggage, my phone went off.
Jack: Hey man! I’m about to leave Ireland! Would you mind waiting at the airport for me?
Me: Hey, Jack! What time do you think you’ll get into the states… especially Washington?
Jack: Jesus, I have no idea. If it’s midafternoon there, I probably won’t get in until late at night; the earliest, man and that’s with time in the air alone.
Me: I would, but I have plans tonight and I might not be able
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Markiplier and Reader 2 - Your Thoughts
Your POV
You were in the middle of packing, hardcore packing. (You had to pack a lot more than you were expected to in the first place.) As you placed an item into the suitcase, you heard your phone.
‘That’s Mark texting me...’ You sighed, looking up to the ceiling, ‘I’ll answer it later.’
You continued to pack things, trying to ignore your phone that was starting to feel like a brick in your pocket. You had a feeling that Mark might’ve changed his mind about you moving in, but at the same time, you were expecting it. It was all too sudden and so many things had to be in place before you moved in, but Mark didn’t mind it; didn’t mind at all.
It took you a total of ten minutes to finish your main suitcase for PAX before you got to your phone. You looked at it, and saw the new text message notification from Mark with the first three words, “Hey, do you…” You knew that it was a question, afraid to see it being a
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Markiplier and Reader 2 - Mark's Thoughts
Mark’s POV
‘__________ is coming to live with me!’ I smiled to myself as I looked around my home, as I was looking around I saw the mess that one person can make, ‘She wouldn’t love the mess though.’
I proceeded to get up, gather up cleaning supplies and tidy. I am not a messy person naturally, but as I so figured out; I am.
------------------------------------------2 Hours Later------------------------------------------
As the downstairs cleaning was just about done, I get a text from Daniel.
Dan: Hey man. Are you ready for Washington?
‘Oh crap! Due to the cleaning, I forgot about Washington! I’m lucky I packed last night, but I have no idea when I’m leaving!’ I thought as I quickly texted Daniel back.
Me: Yeah, yeah I am. I just have to figure out what time my flight leaves.
Dan: Alright. Is your home ready for us?
Me: Of course man, but one thing you should know about.
Dan: What’s up?
Me: There is this girl I met at I
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Markiplier and Reader 2 - Your Choice, His Life
“Do you want to stay with me, ______?” He said in smoothest tone you ever heard from him.
“W-w-what?” You falter a bit as you felt tears swelling in your eyes, “You c-can’t be s-s-serious, M-Mark…”
“I’m dead serious, (Cute nickname you get called by your bf/gf).” Mark sighed, “You know about Cyndago, right?”
“Slightly, you mentioned in a video with Jack/Sean that you were moving in with a couple of guys in LA.” You took a heavy sigh, “Are you telling me that the guys from Cyndago are now living with you?”
“Well, they’re moving in as soon as PAX Prime is over.”
You fumbled with your pockets and grabbed out your headphones and plugged them into the phone, “Give me a second, Mark. I’m plugging in my headphones.”
“Sure. I’ll still be here when you’re done.” His voice perked up.
You gave a slight smile to the change of his voice fr
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Markiplier and Reader 2 - Your Home, His Call
(WARNING: This chapter will touch some people in the feels. This personal outcome with you and your mom, has happened to me, not personally, but to a person I know. Please hold your feels…YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!)
After shutting down the game console, you decided to look at your phone. You forgot that you have gotten a message before Ken called you. You opened the message app and saw the message from Mark.
Mark: Hey, _________. What are you up to at this point in time?
You thought you should tell him, but then you read the one right after that.
Mark: Really? You aren’t going to tell me what to expect when I see you? Not even a hint? Please give me one.
You knew Mark hated your teasing, anyone would hate it actually, but you thought it would be a fun game for you. You gave in a bit and decided to him a hint.
You: Alright, Mark. You want a hint…. Well, you got one and here it is! It’s what I’m going to wear, and because I’m feeling extra generous; it
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Markiplier and Reader 2 - The Call for PAX Prime 2
Mark’s POV
Mark decided to visit, Ken or CinnamonToastKen, after hearing the news that he was going to PAX Prime along with Sean, Jacksepticeye, and Felix, PewDiePie. It was not far from his house and it would be a great idea to visit an old, old friend.
Mark took the drive to his house, under the time it would take the normal person. (I’m very well indicating that Mark is possibly a fast driver.) He gets out of his car and walks up to the door to be greeted by Mary, Ken’s fiancée.
“Hello, Mary!” Mark smiled and reached his hand out to shake hers, but instead was pulled into a hug.
“Hello, Mark.” She sighed and looked at him with eyes that sparked happiness, “I haven’t seen you in ages!”
“I know what you mean though I’m not here to see just you.” Mark looked through the doorway, “May I come in?”
Mary jumped a bit and scooted out of the doorway, “Yeah, sure. I’ll go and get Ken and
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Markiplier and Reader 2 - The Call For PAX Prime
Your POV
It has been about a couple of months since you have met Mark and his friends. That message Mark sent you after you broke off from each other; it made you think if you really wanted to see him again. It was a no-brainer that you really wanted to meet him again, but the convention he was going to was PAX Prime, it was located in Seattle, Washington. You lived in (insert state), traveling there was not going to be easy.
Though, since the meet up with Mark and friends, you have been talking to them since grabbing their numbers. Mark actually helped you get your channel started, Fire Emblem Awakening was your name and you had a picture of a blaze as your profile picture. You even called your subscribers Blazes. You were known for Minecraft, most of the time. As a let’s player, you played different games, but Minecraft and Sims 4 were series to you.
One day, you were in the middle of recording a video, then heard a…
PING (from your phone)
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Markiplier and Reader - Night Out with Mark 2
Mark’s POV
‘I can’t believe that I hugged her…’ He thought as he bear hugged ______, ‘But I feel I should let go because this hug is getting kind of never mind!’
He stopped his train of thought when she hugged him back. Mark and _____ let each other go and proceeded to look into the other’s eyes.
“You’re welcome,” _______ coughed while breaking the hug between you and Mark, “I guess.”
“I’m sorry if I sprung a random hang out on you, _________.” Mark put his right hand behind his head.
“It’s alright, Mark.” He saw her look up at him since she was shorter than his five-foot-ten-inch stature.
After looking at ______’s eyes for a good while, Mark was starting to get lost in them. He mentally shook his head, then put a hand through his hair.
“Like I said I’m sorry, but you can decline if you’re busy. I know some of my heroes are leaving tonight right afte
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Markiplier and Reader - Night Out with Mark 1
Your POV
Mark stunned you with a hug that made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You were very unsure if you should say something, but all you could do was hug him back.
“You’re welcome,” You coughed, smiled and broke the hug between you and Mark, “I guess.”
“I’m sorry if I sprung a random hang out on you, _________.” Mark put his right hand behind his head.
“It’s alright, Mark.” You looked up at him since you’re about (insert reader height here) and he is five foot ten inches.
“Like I said I’m sorry, but you can decline if you’re busy. I know some of my heroes are leaving tonight right after the convention. I don’t know if you’re the same,” Mark’s eyes kept darting every which way, not focusing on yours.
“Like I said, it’s fine.” You put your hands up like you were motioning someone to stop, “I’m allowed to drink. I’m (insert age, but
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Markiplier and Reader - Lunchtime Encounter 2
Mark’s POV
Mark looks up at the analog clock and smiles brightly; both of its hands are on the twelve.
‘It’s time for lunch and meeting up with _______. I can’t wait!’
Sean notices Mark’s gaze and smile at the clock; he taps him on the shoulder.
“Let’s announce that we’re going to lunch for an hour, then come back to our normal routine.”
“Yeah.” Mark sighed, running a hand through his thick, black mane that is called hair and stood up to face the fans, “It’s about lunchtime. So, we’re going to go and eat. We will be back in an hour.”
The fans made groaning and moaning sounds, but gladly accepted that they had to wait for an hour. All good things come to those who wait, am I right? *hand in the air for a high five and looks around* anyone, anyone? *finds no one and puts hands down* that is fine, I have my blue stuffed teddy bear that my boyfriend gave me to high five with.
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Markiplier and Reader - Lunchtime Encounter 1
Your POV
“I thought you were okay with not being face to face, ______” Your mother said as you walked back to the jewelry store/stall, “He wasn’t even that close to us.”
“I know, mom.” You huffed, “I wish I knew what is wrong with myself now.”
“You’re developing a crush, sweetie.” Your mom deduced, “It’s simple. You don’t even have to know the person personally to develop it.”
“I’ve only like him for his videos. I was able to look beyond his masculine features and manly voice to watch his videos. I enjoy the humor, sarcasm and the occasional string of curse words that he lets his fans and I see, then he decides to display it on video for us to enjoy. I don’t continue to watch him because he’s cute; I continue to watch because he’s freaking funny and loud like me!” You smiled and sat down to the closest bench, “He’s all around nice too, and care
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Markiplier and Reader - Time for the Indy Chase 3
Mark's POV
"Guys, we have a plan!” Sean smiles as he gathers his pen and flatten his clothes for the fans, “We know how to get _____ of her shell!”
“That’s great, but what is it, exactly?” Wade asked, “Because anything we do, it will make her even more terrified.”
“We already covered that, Wade.” Mark put a hand on his shoulder, “We carry on, hoping that when lunchtime rolls around; we go up to her casually and strike up a conversation.”
“That seems like a really good plan!” Wade exclaimed, “No way can she be scared then!”
“I call it to be fool proof!” Sean smiled, “Let’s see our fans, greet them, sign stuff, and wait for lunch to come around.”
---------------------------------------TIME SKIP: 1 hour--------------------------------------------
“I know what I should do!” Mark smiles, then jumps onto the table, causing Sean to mess up his signature, Bo
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Markiplier and Reader - Time for the Indy Chase 2
Your POV
You ran out into the space of emptiness, then into a crowd of people looking at you. You could not make eye contact because once you did, it was the end of keeping yourself silent. You had to hide yourself, not completely, but somewhere you will become “unnoticed.” You kept on running till you ran into a section of stalls that were super busy, busy enough that they did not notice you running to the area.
‘I got away, thank god.’ You gasped for air, deciding it was the best to walk it off and not stress yourself, ‘Now everything is calming down now-‘
You looked around and saw your mom nowhere in sight. You started to panic because being lost by yourself was one of your huge fears because (you can come up with your own reason why you are terrified of being lost.) You decided to text her since there were too many around to call her and not mention, you were ‘almost’ half deaf due to music.
You: Mom, where are you? I’m kind of,
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Markiplier and Reader - Time for the Indy Chase 1
Mark’s POV
Mark saw you run the other direction. He couldn’t capture any of your facial details, but all he could gather was your height, hair color, hair length, and voice. He thought that you were some fan that got really nervous. He did not know why you ran, but he knew once he distributed the two pieces of paper between Sean and him.
“Is there a reason she ran?” Bob asked as he looked over Mark’s shoulder while he was reading the poem, “Because that doesn’t seem like a fan.”
“This fan was changed by me.” He said as the poem was refolded is his hands, “I might not be great at making my own poetry, but I can tell that this girl was put through her own hell. She wouldn’t be living today if I wasn’t making videos.”
“Should we track her down?” Wade came out of the blue from Sean’s backside, “It’s not going to be hard to find her. She was wearing a special designed Markiplier
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Markiplier and Reader - Everything Started at Indy
Everything started there. Everything started at Indy Pop-Con, believe it or not, your life took a twisted turn. Things were going to change and for the better, you deserved it after all.
For the special day, you wore (favorite color and style) jeans, white tank top, gray overcoat on top of it and specially designed Markiplier sweatshirt you made when you took fashion and textiles in (your old high school or high school you're in now.) You shoes were the black heeled boots that had the missing heel coverings.
“I can’t believe that I’m going to Indy-Pop Con! I’m going to INDY POP-CON, MOM!” You said as you clung onto her arm as you walked up to the front doors.
“I know, honey.” She smiled and laughed at you, “You get to meet your heroes. Is Markiplier and Jacksepticeye, right?”
“Yes, mom, but I’m a little nervous. I’m scared that I might scare them.” You said folding the two pieces of paper you were going to gi
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I'm starting a chapter tonight and possibly with submit it! Stay tuned! :D


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